Night Scythe


Hi Peeps,

Though I best post something as its been a couple of days,  so I’d post about my new Night Scythe I’ve built and painted for my warhammer 40k army.

I did the following;

  • Sprayed the model with Chaos Black primer (I left the top section off so I could paint the cockpit)
  • Painted the cockpit – Necron Warrior bolt gun metal base with dry brush of chain mail) – then the dials.
  • Stuck the top section on.
  • Then I dry-brushed the wings with Caliban Green, and left the middle black to add weight to the model.
  • Once dry I then dry-brush the wings with Moot Green starting with the outside in, so it went from light to dark.
  • While that was drying I dry bushed lighty the middle section with Moot Green and went a bit heavyer on the vents and edging.
  • Then I dry-brushed the Thrusters, Telsa Cannons & Portal mountings Bolt Gun Metal.
  • Then the Telsa Cannons middle section was a dry-brush of Caliban Green, Moot Green & Flash Gits Yellow for highlights.
  • The portal was done the same & the pipes to the portal.
  • Then on the top I dry-brushed the edges and the 2 middle glyphs with Underhive Ash.
  • Then to finish I used Ardcoat on the portal & pipes and the telsa cannon middle sections.

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